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    SICHUAN FULIN ENERGY INVESTMENT CO., LTD. Founded in June 2014, Sichuan Fulin Energy Investment Co., Ltd is specialized in natural gas project investment, chemical petroleum equipment pipeline installation, engineering design, and etc.

    At present, the company owns several affiliated enterprises such as Mianyang Tianrun Gas, Panzhihua Gas and Sichuan Zhongtianyang Gas, with business scope covering Mianyang, Chengdu, Guanghan, Leshan, Zigong, Maoxian and Shaanxi Pucheng and daily average gas supply more than 200,000 Nm³.

    Through reinforcing its strength and offering high quality and efficient service, the company takes cooperation and mutual benefits as its value, is committed to delivering its core philosophy that is supplying gas safely and stably, rewarding the society honestly, promoting energy saving and emission cutting and making profits properly, with a purpose to build a liable and responsible energy enterprise.



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